School Improvement Fund

Chase Terrace Technology College is passionate about providing students with an environment where they can live, love, laugh and learn. We continue to prioritise teaching and learning and the majority of our funding is invested in our curriculum. The costs associated with maintaining our school environment are becoming increasingly challenging with changes to school funding. Please visit and put in our postcode WS7 2DB to understand more about the changes to our funding.

We would like to raise £100,000 to continue to improve our school and the provision for our students by funding the following projects, which are listed in priority order:

A maximum of £50,000 for a replacement DDA lift in the main school building

Daniel Ball is one of our year 9 students who requires the use of an electric wheel chair to move around school. He is currently unable to access lessons on the 1st floor in the main building, as a result of his wheel chair exceeding the lift weight limit. We are currently trying to secure this funding through a Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) bid, but this is not guaranteed and even if successful, it would take a significant amount of time for the funds to be released for the project to be completed.

We would like the first £50,000 raised to fund a replacement DDA lift in the main school building. A separate Just Giving page has been set up to help raise individual awareness into this project. All funds raised through the Just Giving page will be added to the school’s improvement fund. In the event our CIF bid was successful, the money raised would then guarantee our other priority areas listed below.

£15,000 to extend our Accelerated Reading programme for all year 8 and 9 students

This year we invested in a new accelerated reader programme which promotes a positive reading culture across our school. The programme provides us with a chronological reading age for our students, encouraging them to read more increasing their vocabulary and access to all subject content. Increasing the range of words that children are exposed to increases their chances of success in all areas of the curriculum.

We would like to extend this into year 8 and 9, increase the range of texts available and upgrade the technology in our library which is used as part of the accelerated reader programme.

£35,000 to renovate Lees Hall

Lees Hall is a fantastic provision for students, parents/carers and for the local community who regularly hire the facility. It is now starting to look very tired and we would love to replace the carpets, curtains, upgrade the technology and install air conditioning.