GCSE Options

GCSE Options

A list of options are available at the bottom of this page.

A downloadable options booklet containing all of the information in this section can be saved from this page or provided on paper by request to the school.

The courses that are followed throughout years 10 and 11 will influence your son/daughter’s longer term future. The decisions involved are further complicated by the different qualification types that are available at Chase Terrace Technology College as well as the national changes to the GCSE/BTEC grading systems.

You and your child will be invited to a number of different information sessions over the coming weeks. Some of these you will attend together; others will target your child more directly. All of these will help you to make the right choices.

Here is a reminder of key dates that should be entered onto family calendars. These are as follows:

Monday 4th February, 5pm – 8pmYear 9 Subjects / Parents Evening (Parents and Students)
Monday 4th – 8th FebruaryInformation Assemblies (Students Only)
Wednesday 13th February,
6pm – 9pm
Options Information Evening and presentation.
(Parents and Students)
Tuesday 26th February, 9amDeadline for Option Form return

We offer a wide variety of courses, both academic and vocational. Our aim is to provide courses that will provide all students with a broad and balanced curriculum whilst still giving each individual a degree of choice. This booklet gives you a detailed outline of all the opportunities available to our students. The success of each student at Key Stage 4 will provide the basis for further education and training beyond the age of 16.

There have been a number of Government-led changes over the past few years and we understand that some of the information that will have gone out in the national press can be confusing. We aim to give practical and straightforward information that will guide and advise students to take courses that suit their abilities and aspirations.

Core Subjects

Some subjects will be studied by everyone. These are:

In addition to the Core Courses above, students are asked to choose 3 subjects from the table below.

At least 1 of the 3 subjects must be from Group A.

We will do our utmost to satisfy the choices of all students. It is, however, never possible to do this for all the wide range of different combinations which may be chosen. A few individual students will, unfortunately, be disappointed by having to make slight alterations to their original choices.

We will be looking especially closely at the abilities of individual students and guiding them towards taking courses that will give them the best opportunity of success. This will include individual interviews with senior staff.

Careful consideration will have to be given to the size of teaching groups. We may be unable to permit certain courses to operate if student numbers are too low.

Important Information for All Students

It is important to stress that your future career options will not generally be affected by the choices you make at this stage in your education. You need to make certain considerations that guide your choices.

Chose Subjects that you:

  • like
  • are good at
  • are particularly interested in
  • feel might help you in the general career area that you are interested in, such as ‘working with people’ or ‘using practical skills’

Do not choose subjects because:

  • You like the teacher – as you may have a different one next year
  • Your friends have chosen it, as they may be in a different group

The decisions that you make over your options are some of the most important that you make. They determine what you do for the next two years and can make a big impact on what you go on to achieve.

Note to Parents

Once course choices have been made, the timetable for next year will be built to fit them. It may be difficult, if not impossible, to change course at a later date. Please stress to your child the importance of thinking things through carefully and discussing choices thoroughly with everyone in order ‘to get it right the first time’.

Grade Descriptions and Equivalences

  • GCSE – General Certificate of Secondary Education grades 9 to 1
  • GCSE Higher – Grades 9 to 4
  • GCSE Foundation – Grades 5 to 1
  • BTEC First Award Level 2 is equivalent to 9 to 4 GCSE grade
  • BTEC First Award Level 1 is equivalent to 5 to 1 GCSE grade

KS4 Subjects

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