Raising Boys & Girls Achievement

Raising Boys Achievement

In recent years a clear tendency towards under performance has emerged amongst boys at a national level as well as a growing performance gap across the genders. For several years we at Chase Terrace Technology College have been operating a successful raising boys achievement programme in order to address this.

What is the programme?

The programme represents a number of processes, structures and interactions designed to help your sons to enjoy their school life, make a positive contribution and to achieve their very best academically.

How will the programme be implemented?

The principal strand of the programme is a daily report monitoring the boys’ efforts in class

Each A grade will earn 5 points, a B = 4 points and a C = 2 points. A D grade will result in a reduction of 5 points and removal from a lesson, being issued an after school detention or failing to complete homework or coursework on time will result in a loss of 10 points.

The points will be logged each week and the boys ranked in a leader-board. Boys will earn rewards based on points scored and so the greater the effort put in, the higher the chance of reward.

Boys will also be expected to negotiate one subject specific target per half term with their teachers. For the first half term it would be ideal for this target to be based around English or Maths.

Boys will also be given the opportunity to attend revision classes and to engage in educational visits as well as spending one registration period with me, Mr. Heaven, during which they will participate in a range of activities and have the opportunity to discuss their progress and any other issues.

Above all, Raising Boys’ Achievement aims to help boys to achieve by:

  • Creating a culture where achievement is celebrated;
  • Developing confidence, self-esteem and teamwork capabilities;
  • Providing incentives and motivation;
  • Developing study skills;
  • Raising aspirations;
  • Improving organization;
  • Promoting responsibility
  • Having fun!

Raising Girls Achievement

Whilst students thrive in today’s challenging school settings other students require additional support to unlock their full potential. We as a staff at Chase Terrace Technology College understand this fully. The Raising Girls Achievement Programme has evolved to address the concerns of our young female students.

Its purpose is to facilitate our Key Stage 4 girls’ learning by providing an individually tailored network of support. The aim is to enable our girls to develop expertise in weaker subject areas, complement each other’s strength and to build independence and confidence both socially and academically. The Raising Girls Achievement Programme helps the girls access the tools they need to fly.

What is the Raising Girls achievement Programme?

  • A small group of Year 10 and Year 11 girls identified by teaching staff and Heads of Year.
  • Girls allocated a female mentor who they meet with on a weekly basis.
  • Individual needs identified.
  • Individual targets set and monitored.
  • Individual or group support for subject specific needs from sixth form girls e.g. additional history revision.
  • Group and peer support in a safe environment.
  • Breakfast clubs and Assemblies
  • Rewards selected by the girls themselves for progress made.
  • Inspirational activities and opportunities. Such as university visits or outside speakers.

It is a privilege to be asked to join the Raising Girls Achievement Programme and places are very much sought after.

If you have any queries about either programme or would like your child to be involved, then please don’t hesitate to contact either Miss S Cantwell via email: s.cantwell@cttc.staffs.sch.uk or Mrs K Tooth via email: k.tooth@cttc.staffs.sch.uk.