Chase Terrace Technology College has a Planned Admission Number of 270 for entry into the school at the beginning of Year 7. Admissions on transfer from primary school are managed by the Admissions Team at Staffordshire County Council. In-year applications can be made by contacting the school directly. Alternatively, an application form can be obtained from the County Council. Visits to the school at any stage are always welcomed. Click the links below to get through to the relevant county council information and contacts.

Although the school is often over-subscribed, in recent years students from several miles away have been successful in gaining a place at the school through the secondary admissions process. In order to help parents to get their child to and from school, we operate a subsidised transport service for students who live between 3 and 5 miles from the school. Increasing numbers of students from Heath Hayes, Cannock Wood, Norton Canes and Brownhills now start at the school in Year 7.

Sixth Form admissions are managed by the school itself. The Head of Sixth Form, Mr Giles, will be delighted to meet with any prospective applicants at any time of the year. As a result of the school’s success and its expansive curriculum offer, the number of students studying in the sixth form has increased from around 150 to 200 over the past four years. Again, increasingly students are being admitted from a range of other secondary schools in the region. For more information about sixth form admissions, please visit the Sixth Form page.