Sixth Form

Students who continue into the Sixth Form specialise in three or four Advanced Level courses, as long as they meet the specific GCSE entry requirements for each individual course. As a large school, we are able to offer a broad selection of A Levels (and some vocational courses), but we also work in collaboration with local schools (with organised transport) to make the range of choices even wider. In addition to their core programme, Sixth Form students take on a leadership responsibility, either within the school or in the local community. As required, provision is put in place for students to retake GCSE English and/or GCSE Maths.

The Sixth Form have their own work and social areas and kitchen. They are expected to work with maturity and independence, but receive a similar level of support to students in the lower school, with a Tutor, Head of Sixth Form and Deputy Head of Sixth Form. Aspirational targets are set for each course and regular assessments are conducted with reports on progress and intervention put in place, as required.

Choosing to join the Sixth Form at Chase Terrace Technology College could be one of the best choices that a young person could make, as it provides a highly supportive foundation for a critical life phase and can open up a gateway to further exciting opportunities. Sixth Form students undertake a work experience placement in Year 12, together with a variety of university visits (including Oxbridge and Russell Group) and participation in talks and workshops from higher level apprenticeship providers and other employers. Lots of support is provided in relation to university, training and job applications, together with information relating to other key issues such as student finance.

Most of the students in the Sixth Form were previously members of our school community, but there are always a significant number from other schools. Incoming students settle in very quickly and this enriches the sixth form experience for everyone.

Sixth Formers are role models for other students in the school and they get involved in discussions with visitors, conducting tours of the school, interviewing prospective staff and giving presentations at official events. The elected Sixth Form Committee provide a great social dimension to sixth form life and sixth formers also routinely take the lead in whole-school charity events and school musical, dramatic and sporting events.

Year 11-12 Bridging Tasks

The transition from GCSEs to A-Levels is a massive step – in some ways it is greater than that from A-Levels into university – and so it is important to get your mind-set correct before you start the courses in Year 12.

The bridging tasks are designed to support students making the step up to sixth form study and give them a better insight into Post-16 education. They contains tasks and guidance to support the transition and help ensure that the switch is made successfully.

The tasks should be brought to your first lesson in each subject in September, you should also be prepared to be assessed on the tasks that you have been asked to complete.

Bridging Tasks