Transition and Induction

If any parents/carers have any queries regarding transition, please email

Transition from Primary to Secondary school is an important milestone in a child’s educational journey, but can also be a period of time that creates anxiety. At Chase Terrace we try to alleviate as many of those anxieties as possible, through regular contact with the Primary Schools and any agencies who may be working with students and families.

In September each year we hold an Open Evening where each department displays the work of the students. Many will have practical demonstrations including, and often run, by student volunteers. Year 6 students are offered a range of activities during the evening while parents have the opportunity to meet with the Leadership Team and the Year 7 Pastoral Staff.

Further opportunities are offered for parents to view the school during the working day and have time with Ms Wilson to ask any questions regarding the school.

During the year we do work with an increasing number of our local Primary schools engaging students in Technology projects, Science and PE activities, Modern Foreign Languages and Performing Arts. Some of these activities take place at the College so that students become familiar with the staff and facilities.

The Induction Process

Once decisions regarding admission to Chase Terrace have been made we work closely with the Primary schools to gain as much information regarding the students so that our Pastoral Support Team can meet any specific needs students may have. We also offer further opportunities for students to meet with staff through our Induction days, and additional visits, that run in June and July.

The Induction process for students is supported by our Peer mentors, student volunteers from the upper years at the College who have indicated that they want to support the younger students during their first year in school. The students are assigned to form groups and will assist with form group activities during the week.

Parents are also part of the process and evenings are set on the calendar for meeting with Pastoral Staff and the Leadership Team to receive more formal information regarding the school and its processes and expectation and for parents to be able address any outstanding concerns regarding Learning or pastoral issues.

Updated Plans for Transition Days

We have considered the current concerns surrounding the spread of the Delta variant and have decided to make some changes to our transition programme. We are monitoring the situation carefully, and should we get any further advice from County that states we cannot run face to face transition days, we will regrettably have to adjust our plans, and of course, we will communicate any changes to you as soon as possible.

We will now be hosting the new year group in two halves on two separate Fridays: 2nd and 9th July (one for the students allocated to a form on the French side and the other for those on the German side). The Friday dates mean that following their visit to us, all students will have a 48 hour period over the weekend where they are not in school before returning to their respective primary schools. Splitting the new year group in this way also means that there will be a smaller number of students on site on each of the days. The timings of the day means that primary children will have no contact with any Chase Terrace students (the day will start at 9am when our students will be in lesson; the Y6 children will have a separate break, and lunchtime to Chase Terrace Academy students, and they will leave site at 2:30 so that they will not meet any of our students at the school gate). The Y6 students will be in the same room all day (except when they have a tour of the school, and will be with the same group of children for all of their sessions).

We regret to have to cancel the additional transition event on 28th June for those children who are the only child from their primary school joining us; this is due to the fact that we want to limit the amount of visits to school and mixing bubbles as much as possible.

You will receive a letter in the post this week, detailing which form group your child will be in and which transition day that they will be required to attend. We will also be running virtual parent information evenings next week. You will receive an email invitation which will allow you to join within the next 48 hours.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this change, but we hope you can understand why we need to make these adjustments.