Transition and Induction

September 2022

Year 7’s first day will be Wednesday 7th September, starting at 8:30am.

If any parents/carers have any queries regarding transition, please email

Transition from Primary to Secondary school is an important milestone in a child’s educational journey, but can also be a period of time that creates anxiety. At Chase Terrace Academy we try to alleviate as many of those anxieties as possible, through regular contact with the Primary Schools and any agencies who may be working with students and families.

In September each year we hold an Open Evening where each department displays the work of the students. Many will have practical demonstrations including, and often run, by student volunteers. These students are able to give an insight into their lives and experiences at Chase Terrace Academy.  Druring this evening parents and year 6 children are able to meet with teaching staff and students, visit classrooms and witness a wide range of demonstrations and meet with key staff throughout the tour, such as the Senior Leadership team and Year 7 Pastoral staff.

Further opportunities are offered for parents to gain an overview and receive information about Chase Terrace school life at a virtual parents evening with Ms Mason, Mrs Powell and the Year 7 staff, Mrs Weaving and Mr Meek.

During the year we do work with an increasing number of our local Primary schools engaging students in Technology projects, Science, English and PE activities, Modern Foreign Languages and Performing Arts. Some of these activities take place at the Academy so that students become familiar with the staff and facilities.

The Induction Process

Once decisions regarding admission to Chase Terrace have been made we work closely with the Primary schools to gain as much information regarding the students so that our Pastoral Support Team can meet any specific needs students may have. We also offer further opportunities for students to meet with staff through our Induction days, and additional visits, that run in June and July. 

Parents are also part of the process and evenings are set on the calendar for meeting with Pastoral Staff and the Leadership Team to receive more formal information regarding the school and its processes and expectation and for parents to be able address any outstanding concerns regarding Learning or pastoral issues. Transition packs are delivered to primary schools for parents, so they have all information necessary to help with the transition process of their child.

Induction Pack for September 2022

Year 7 Virtual Open Evening

Click here to visit our Year 7 Virtual Open Evening page.