At Chase Terrace Academy we aspire for all of our pupils to achieve greater things than they ever thought possible.

Our ambitious curriculum is enriching and inclusive, providing challenge and breadth for all. It is underpinned by the breadth and depth of the National Curriculum and is carefully planned to offer pupils a wide range of opportunities to empower them to learn, grow, develop and enjoy.

Below you will find departmental curriculum information such as curriculum overviews and knowledge organisers which support your child’s learning in the classroom.

In exercise books you will see curriculum roadmaps that map out the knowledge and skills that pupils need to develop at different stages as they progress through each subject they study. On the front of your child’s book, you will also find a reference to their minimum expected grade. This is by no means a ceiling to their achievement but an indication of the minimum grade your child is expected to achieve at the end of each year to fulfil their potential in Year 11.

Please view this file for details on how we assess students during Key Stage 3 at Chase Terrace Academy. The document also explains our target setting processes and what to look out for in your child’s feedback in their books and folders. If you have any further questions regarding assessment and/or progress, please contact the relevant head of department.

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