GCSE Options 2021 – 22

GCSE Options 2021 – 22

This is an exciting time for your child, as they select the subjects they will study and gain qualifications for in years 10 and 11.

These are important decisions and we recommend that they take time to think carefully about their choices and you have regular discussion at home and engage in all of the advice and support sessions that we will provide.

Students should consider future career choices and aspirations when making their choices and make sure that they do not limit their options later on.

There are 2 curriculum pathways for students (C and T) and they will be allocated their pathway depending upon prior attainment and application across key stage 3. We are ambitious for all of our students and we use pathways to ensure that students are guided towards the most suitable courses for them to maximise their success across Key Stage 4. Your child will be notified of their pathway when they receive their login details on Monday 7th February

The first stage in the process will be an information evening for you and your child where key staff will go through what the options process entails. This will take place remotely via Microsoft Teams on Monday 7th February 2022 at 6pm and a recording of the session will be made available afterwards for anyone that cannot attend.

To support you in making choices, please find below a link to our Options Booklet which has information about each of the subjects offered this year.

Options Booklet 2022 – 24

Your child will have assemblies week commencing 31st January every day from subject heads and there are short videos below to summarise the information given and allow you to take part.

You will receive guidance on how to complete the options form online and your child must submit their proposed choices by Thursday 3rd March.

Once all option choices are received, students will have a short interview, which you are free to attend with them, with a senior member of staff to go through their choices and ensure that they are clear about them before confirming. Interviews are likely to take place between 7th March and 18th March.

Once all of the interviews have taken place, the timetable is constructed and your child will then be notified of their final options.

It is important to note that whilst every effort is made to accommodate all students’ first choices, there are limited numbers on some courses and some students may receive their reserve. This will be explained during the information evening.

Should you have any questions prior to the information evening, please send these via e-mail to s.baird@chaseterraceacademy.co.uk we will endeavour to answer these or include them in the information evening.

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