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Tesco’s Community Grants Initiative


Please help us win a share of Tesco’s Community Grants initiative by voting for our project:

Chase Terrace Academy Safe Space
To create a calming safe space for students dealing with mental health & crisis.

Voting will commence in store from 12th July 2021 and continue to 30th September 2021.

The project with the highest number of votes across the region will receive £1,500 (or the amount that was requested up to this value), the second placed project £1,000 (or the amount that was requested up to this value), and the third placed project £500.

Please see below a list of stores taking part in the voting on our project. 

  • 6741 – BILSTON WILNHL RD EXP, WV14 6NW, Express
  • 3351 – WALSALL BROWNHILLS, WS8 6DZ, Superstore
  • 5783 – ALDRIDGE EXP, WS9 0BP, Express

To check the location of any of the above stores, please go to the Tesco website here:

To vote, you will need to make a purchase within store of any value. You will receive one token per transaction and it’s not necessary to purchase a carrier bag in order to receive a token.


Chase Terrace Academy Foodbank

Foodbank – Parcels

We have decided to run a “Call and Collect” at the end of this term so that any families who require a helping hand with food and essential items before the Summer break have the opportunity to pick up a parcel from school. We will also be running this from September.

How does it work?

  • Call into school from Monday 12th July onwards.
  • Telephone: 01543 682286 or email:  
  • Ask for a food parcel. You only have to give your name.
  • You will be asked which day you can collect and given a time that is easy for you.
  • Our Duke of Edinburgh Student team will create a food and essentials package for you.
  • It will be left in reception ready for you to collect at your agreed time slot.
  • If there are any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Foodbank afternoons

We are intending to run one foodbank afternoon a term where families can come and shop for themselves. We will post these dates on our school Twitter and Facebook accounts and send it out on the school’s MyEd app nearer to the time.

The Foodbank Team


CTA PE Department – Update 4

Physical activity helps us to improve our mental wellbeing

Students continue to enjoy outdoor face to face physical education teaching. We have moved to our summer activities which include: rounders, softball, athletics and cricket alongside a winter team games module to ensure our students do not miss out on the delivery of these sports. Most sports have been taught outside and have followed the recommended Covid guidelines for that governing body, but with the return of the sports hall, small groups have used our sports hall once again in their year group bubbles. Although it can be cold our participants are encouraged to put on plenty of layers underneath their PE kit and asked to make sure that they stay as active as possible. That said, we have had some beautiful, sunny days and students needed to think about sunscreen and extra hydration. Oh the English weather!!

Alongside the lessons our extra-curricular programme has started in earnest, although staggered lunchtimes and the necessity of year groups having to train in bubbles has limited what we can do. See the table of activities below.

Activity Evening
(3pm- 4pm)
MondayYear 9 Rounders, AV & VW
TuesdayYear 10 Rounders, KT
Badminton Club, SH
Year 7 Athletics, VW & AV
WednesdayYear 11 Rounders, KTYear 8 Athletics, KT
ThursdayYear 8 Rounders, AV
Boxing (Wayne), KT
FridayYear 7 Rounders, VW

Attendance has been excellent, with 45 year students turning up to our first year 7 rounder’s practice.

Socially distanced boxing indoors with Wayne Elcock.

The PE Department continue to identify our top performers. The students below have shown dedication to their studies.

Performers of the Week

Performer of the Week has been awarded to Isabella 7N, Dylan 8R and Daniel 10O.

Congratulations to Isabella on being nominated for ‘PE Performer of the Week’. Isabella consistently engaged in PE during lockdown and has continued her effort in PE lessons. Nominations: Cameron 8C, Harry 9H, Leila 9N, Millie 10C and Mia 10N.

Congratulations to Dylan on being nominated for ‘PE Performer of the Week’. Dylan has been consistently showing excellence in all aspects of PE. Nominations: Libby 8M, Jayden 8P, Lucy 7M, Maggie 7P and Harrison 8H.

Congratulations to Dan on being successfully nominated for ‘PE Performer of the Week’. Daniel recently performed extremely well in his BTEC Sport exam. Nominations were: Andrew 7C, Grace 8O, Alex 9C, Holly 9C and Holly-Mae 11C.

A Career in PE

This week we would like to introduce you to Jordan Dawes a professional basketballer. He talks about his career pathway in elite sport and the twists and turns that he had to overcome to follow his dreams. He is now a Royal Marine – “hard work always beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”.

A Mile a Day in May – PE initiative throughout May

Join the P.E Department and complete a mile a day throughout May. You are invited to: walk, run, cycle. With a friend or family and record it on a form collected from the PE office. Certificates awarded for best individual and family efforts.

This can be a family activity. Please see the P.E department Twitter account.

Stay fit and healthy.

Chase Terrace Academy PE Department


Spring Newsletter 2021

Please find our latest Chase Terrace Academy Newsletter attached below.

It features many staff and students as well as the local community and highlights many of the fantastic achievements that have taken place since January.

Thank you to everybody who has supported us this term.

Spring Newsletter 2021


Foodbank Update – Week 13

Moving to the future

Chase Terrace Academy held its third successful foodbank morning on Maundy Thursday just before the Easter holidays.

This time, it was an afternoon slot. Once again, we had a steady trickle of shoppers although I’m not sure that this time slot suited everyone. Due to the generosity of our community, our local vicar, Matt Wallis, from St Johns Community Church and the House of Bread in Stafford our customers were provided with a wide variety of food and essentials including: tea coffee, milk and sugar, and everything else you can imagine in a tin as well as a vast selection of toiletries. The younger members of the families, who came along with their parents and carers, were given an Easter egg and we were all treated to a home baked muffin by our very own Mrs Stokes; tea and coffee was provided for all. We would like to thank all staff from Chase Terrace Academy who assisted on Thursday and gave us backing either setting up, stocking up or clearing up!!! A real team effort.

We continue to be grateful to our Chase Terrace families for taking time out of the day to drop donations into the entrance of our main reception or phoning us to ask how you can help out. Every little thing that you do has allowed the foodbank to function smoothly and provide assistance to those who are in need.

Eggs for All

The support we received for this campaign was amazing. We received over 200 Easter eggs. Tesco Rugeley made a very kind egg donation alongside all the chocolate eggs that our Chase Terrace families sent in. The eggs were distributed via food parcels, during our foodbank afternoon and to a local nursing home Grangemoor that is located close to our school. Every resident, carer and nurse received one of the eggs that you donated. Thankyou. It was lovely to meet the manager Stacey Dewsbury who was a previous Chase Terrace student.


We have received two substantial donations recently – £300 from Burntwood Lions and £1000 from Mrs Allen from St Johns Church This money is for the sole use of our foodbank. We are therefore going to use it to restock or purchase any items that we do not ordinarily have gifted. Thank you so much to these kind benefactors. The money will be used exactly as you have asked.

Moving Forward

We will no longer be delivering parcels as we accelerate with the teaching and learning responsibilities of our children. However, we have made the decision to keep the foodbank running. We are presently rich in stock and now, as you have heard, have money to continue to support this enterprise. We also and more importantly realise, some of our families still require this support and safety net to remain afloat in the current climate. With this in mind families must not struggle and can still receive a parcel.

This can be prearranged by contacting us on:
Phone: 01543 682286

A date and time can then be arranged to collect a pre prepared parcel from main school reception. It will be very quick, easy and discreet.

Alternatively an arrangement can be made to come into school on a Monday between 3.15 and 4.15 to shop for yourself. Time slots will be 15 minutes long.

It is most important that those families who are need contact the school. We have a good selection of items and your calls are confidential.

Our support continues.

The Foodbank Team


CTA PE Department – Update 3

Getting back into the swing of things:

Students have finally enjoyed some outdoor face to face physical education teaching. Netball, hockey, football, basketball and rugby have all been taught outside in order to follow the recommended guidelines. Although it can be cold, our participants are encouraged to put on plenty of layers underneath their PE kit and asked to make sure that they stay as active as possible.

The Lateral Flow Testing Site had been located in the Sports Hall and a team of staff and volunteers completed the most amazing job to support our students return to school. On Friday, however, we were very excited to have our sports hall returned to us. We cannot wait to use it again, albeit with all the Covid safety in place. Alongside the lessons, we ran remote and face to face extra-curricular activities in yoga, Boxercise and boxing. We would like to see greater attendance and hope that students will take up these opportunities before the Easter break. It was, however,  lovely to see the Year 10 netball team turn up to practice on Tuesday and show that they had not forgotten any of their skills.

Boxercise with Pete

Training with Wayne

Year 10 Netball Training Bubble

Please see our extra – curricular program below up until the Easter break:

DayActivityStaff MemberTime
TuesdayNetball (Year10)  Mrs Tooth3.00 -3.45
WednesdayBoxercise (Year 9)*
Netball (Year 11)
Pete Woollard/
Miss Wilson
Mrs Tooth
3.00 -3.45
3.00 -3.45
ThursdayBoxing Year 9 *  Wayne Elcock/
Mrs Tooth
3.15 – 4.00  
*students can also attend on Teams. They will find the link on SMHW. This will be set every week.

Performers of the Week

Performer of the Week was awarded to Tom in Year 9. His effort and commitment throughout the Lockdown period was outstanding. Regular attendance at live after school events followed by clear, constructive feedback was so helpful. In addition, Tom created a weekly log to describe all his physical activity.

Our other Performer of the Week has been given to our Year13 Level 3 BTEC Sports group. It was decided that our boys would sit their external examinations in school in January when other schools did not. They were very well prepared and had put in the right amount of revision. This week they received their results and they were absolutely amazing, with all boys hitting or exceeding their target grades. We are so proud of them in such difficult times.

A Career in PE

This week we would like to introduce you to a career in sport with:

Michelle Turner – Former International basketball player and current coach of the U16 Birmingham Bullets. As well as this Michelle has a full time position as a midwife. Take the time to listen to her career pathway as it has taken many twists and turns.

Motivation and Resilience in Sport

These qualities are key in life in order to achieve your goals. We would like to introduce you to:

Pete Woollard – A regular coach for our students. Pete taught both HIIT and Boxercise via Teams and overcame a variety of setbacks to be in his current chosen sporting career. Here is what he says.

We hope that you have valued what our people in sport have had to say and it has shown that roles in this sector can be diverse.

Stay fit and healthy.

Chase Terrace Academy PE Department


New CTA House Logos Revealed

We are excited to share with you the new House logos for Brocket, Elk and Fallow. I would like to take the time to thank all the students who applied for the House logo competition – we were inundated with entries!

The winning entries were submitted by Isobel and Annabel (Year 7), Archie (Year 8), Liya (Year 10) and Zayna ( Year 10).

These students have worked closely with Mr Andrews (Head of Art) to come up with the final designs. We hope you like them just as much as we do!

Open Evening - Tuesday 28th September. Book your arrival slot now!