At Chase Terrace Academy we aspire for all of our students to achieve greater things than they ever thought possible. 

We pride ourselves on being a warm and welcoming school that places community at the heart of everything we do. Our ambitious curriculum is enriching and inclusive, providing challenge and breadth for all. This empowers our students to become compassionate, confident and creative individuals who are resilient, respectful and equipped with a desire to take up a fulfilling role in society and the wider world.

In Religious Education, we aspire to provide outstanding lessons, which explore a multitude of religious lifestyles and investigate ethical debates, alongside philosophical questions relevant in the community and the wider world. Though a challenging and aspirational curriculum, we encourage tenacity in our students and teach the skills to allow students to confidently articulate their own beliefs. All students will be valued and respected. In the RE department we encourage an open minded and inquisitive response to difference, which helps foster understanding and empathy in all, preparing students for their role in our multi- cultural world.

Curriculum Overview

Year 7Curriculum Implementation Plan
Knowledge Organisers
1. Abrahamic faiths
2. Eastern Religions
3. Rites of passage
Year 8Curriculum Implementation Plan
Knowledge Organisers
1. Pilgrimage
2. Human Rights
3. Problem of Evil
4. War and Peace
5. Charity
Year 9Curriculum Implementation Plan
Knowledge Organisers
1. Crime and Punishment
2. The existence of God
3. Abortion
4. Euthanasia
5. Animal Rights
Year 10Curriculum Implementation Plan – Core
Curriculum Implementation – GCSE
Knowledge Organisers – GCSE
1. Christianity Beliefs
2. Christianity Practices
3a. Judaism Introduction
3. Judaism Beliefs
4. Judaism Practices
5. Relationships and Family
Year 11Curriculum Implementation Plan
Road Map
Knowledge Organisers – GCSE
1. Human Relationships
2. Religion and Life
3. Peace and Conflict
4. Crime and Punishment
Sixth Form (Year 12 and 13)Curriculum Implementation Plan 2023
Knowledge Organisers – Philosophy
1a. Plato
1b. Aristotle
2. Body mind and soul
3. Teleological
4. Cosmological
5. Ontological
6. Nature of God
7. Religious Experience
8. Problem of Evil
9. Religious language
Knowledge Organisers – Ethics
1. Utilitarianism
2. Kant
3. NLT
4. Situation ethics
5. Conscience
6. Meta Ethics
7. Sexual Ethics
8. Euthanasia
Knowledge Organisers – Developments
1. Augustine
2. Death and the after life
3. Knowledge of God’s Existence
4. The Person of Jesus
5. Christian Moral Action
6. Pluralism (Theology and Society)
7. Gender and Society
8. Gender
9. Challenge of secularism
10. Liberation Theology