Remote Learning

Remote Learning

If your child is currently positive for COVID and therefore cannot attend school but is well enough to complete work then please use the resources below.

As each child’s circumstances, and the way that they are affected by the virus, is different, we are not “expecting” any pupils to complete work whilst at home.

If however your child is well enough to access some learning, then they should follow their timetable as normal and use the links for each subject from the documents accessed through the link below. For example, if your child is in year 8 and they have Maths period 1 on Monday, then they should go to the Maths document and look at the work for year 8. The work is labelled week by week until Christmas.

If you require any further support, then please do not hesitate to contact the year team.

Best wishes and we wish your child a speedy recovery.

Remote Learning Work