At Chase Terrace Academy we aspire for all of our students to achieve greater things than they ever thought possible. 

We pride ourselves on being a warm and welcoming school that places community at the heart of everything we do. Our ambitious curriculum is enriching and inclusive, providing challenge and breadth for all. This empowers our students to become compassionate, confident and creative individuals who are resilient, respectful and equipped with a desire to take up a fulfilling role in society and the wider world.

In English we aspire to foster a love of our subject. We encourage students to read independently and widely. We teach our pupils to express themselves confidently and creatively in both the written and the spoken word. We hope to inspire our pupils by showing them how rich and diverse English is. We aim to increase motivation by providing authentic, meaningful and relevant learning experiences. We understand that English is the foundation of all other subjects; it has huge social and moral implications for our learners and we aim to foster critical thinking skills to develop our pupils into empathetic learners.

Curriculum Overview

Year 7Curriculum Implementation Plan
Autumn -Greek Myths
Summer-The Bone Sparrow
Knowledge Organisers
Autumn-Greek Myths KO
Spring- Shakespeare KO
Summer-The Bone Sparrow KO
Year 8Curriculum Implementation Plan
Autumn 1 – WoB and Rhetoric
Autumn 2 – Much Ado about Nothing
Spring 1 – Victorian Stories
Spring 2 – Romantic Poetry
Summer 1 – Long Way Down
Summer 2 – Non-Fiction Voices
Knowledge Organisers
Autumn 1- Wob and Rhetoric
Autumn 2- Much Ado about Nothing
Year 9Curriculum Implementation Plan
Autumn 1 – Travel Writing 1, Travel Writing 2
Autumn 2 – Coram Boy
Spring 1 – Shakespeare – The Merchant of Venice
Spring 2 – Non-Fiction – Letter, Speech, Review
Summer 1 – Diversity Poetry
Summer 2 – Narrative Creative – ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’
Knowledge Organisers
Autumn 1-Travel Writing KO
Autumn 2-Coram Boy KO
Spring 1- Shakespeare-The Merchant of Venice KO
Spring 2- Non-Fiction- Letter, Speech, Review KO
Summer 1-Diversity Poetry
Summer 2- ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’
Year 10Curriculum Implementation Plan – Language
Term 1 – Paper Two – Non-Fiction and Transactional Writing
Term 2 – Paper One – 19th Century Fiction and Imaginative writing
Knowledge Organisers
Paper 1-KO
Paper 2-Reading KO
Paper 2-Writing KO
Curriculum Implementation Plan – Literature
Term 1 – Macbeth
Term 2 – ACC
Term 3 – AIC
Knowledge Organisers
Macbeth KO
Year 11Curriculum Implementation Plan – Language
Paper Two – Non-Fiction and Transactional Writing
Paper One – 19th Century Fiction and Imaginative writing
Knowledge Organisers
Paper 1-KO
Paper 2-KO
Curriculum Implementation Plan – Literature
Comparing Unseen Poetry
Knowledge Organisers
Poetry KO
Poetic Devices KO
Sixth Form (Year 12 and 13)Curriculum Implementation Plan
Term 1 – Beloved and Dorian Grey
Term 2 – A Street Car Named Desire
Term 2 – King Lear
Term 3 – The Great Gatsby
Term 1 & 2 – The Wife of Bath
Term 1 & 2 – Poetry